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June 2020
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Yoga and Other Movement Modalities:
A YogaCity NYC Event This Thursday

Many people come to the mat to observe and rewire habitual patterns. Yoga newbies may not even know it, but they’re actually taking baby steps towards a somatic practice.

So then, what is somatics?

Thomas Hanna defines it as “the field which studies…the body as perceived from within by first-person perception.”        

Interesting. Yoga and somatics have similarities. So why are they so disconnected?

“A lot of people talk about yoga as if it’s totally different from somatics…but I think they basically could be the same thing,” said Amy Matthews of The Breathing Project, who teaches Body-Mind Centering, among other things. “They are both about the wisdom that arises from the body itself – they bring us into more clarity both on and off the mat.”

“The Alexander Technique has completely transformed my understanding of the way mind and body work together,” Witold Fitz-Simon said. “It’s allowed me to go deeper into my yoga practice more safely and mindfullyand with more intelligence.”

Other popular somatic modalities include Rolfing and Feldenkrais, which have augmented the training of athletes, actors and dancers for decades.  

On Thursday, March 19, four senior yoga teachers will gather at The Breathing Project to discuss how these different methods inform their yoga practices. This marks YogaCity NYC’s ninth Deeper Learning Series discussion. The panel will include Witold Fitz-Simon , Debby Green , Amy Matthews and Joe Miller . YogaCity NYC’s own Brette Popper will moderate. The evening is free, but seating is limited, so pre-registration is asked.      

“I hope this will excite people about an approach to yoga that is subtler and perhaps more in line with some of the practice’s original goals than the standard way of practicing popularized today,” said Fitz-Simon. 

“When I proposed the idea of doing this panel with Brette, I was interested in maybe bridging a gap,” said Matthews. “I hope this will give people a chance to see how asana and somatics are really two sides of the same coin.”

Come join us at The Breathing Project, 15 West 26 Street, 10th Floor. And don't forget to pre-register.

--Michael Laskaris

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