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August 2020
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NO Violation -

Saturday, April 4 - US Court says yoga classes taught in school do not violate religious freedom.

17 Things -

Saturday, April 4 - 17 Things your yoga teacher wants to tell you. From Bustle. 


Saturday, April 4 - Tips on how to fully enjoy a yoga retreat. 

Saturday, April 4 - Deepak Chopra on Squawk Boxsuggesting that meditation is the way to learn self relection and self.

Friday, August 3 - On Chicago Now, five things to bring to yoga class and they don't include a fancy mat or nifty yoga clothes. 

Friday, April 3 - Bikram denies allegations of sexual assault on CNN.

Friday, April 3 - A total lunar eclipse will be visible on Saturday morning. No special equipment is required to see it. 

Thursday, April 2 - Ex-New Yorker Cyndi Lee is opening a new studio, Yoga Goodness, in Lynchburg, Virginia. 

Thursday, April 2 - From the Atlantic, for a more creative brain travel and live in a foreign country for a while. 

Thursday, April 2 - Research indicates that Fish Oil may not have the medicinal benefits it was thought to have. 

Wednesday, April 1 - According to this Yahoo! Beauty article, yoga with weights will make you lean and beautiful. 

Wednesday, April 1 - Free senior yoga classes are being offered at parks in Brooklyn. 

Wednesday, April 1 - Janelle Monae's newest tune YOGA! Features Jidenna..."let your booty do that yoga.".

Tuesday, March 30 - Nuts are a nutritional powerhouse according to the Well Column. Eat 'em. 

Tuesday, March 31 - Why our presence matters. Lawrence Berger waxes in the New York Times.

Tuesday, March 31 - There is a suprising new market for adult coloring books. 

Monday, March 31 - Habits that we should all cultivate that help maintain a vegetarian diet. 

Monday, March 31 - Water photographs from artist Toshio Shibata. 

Monday, March 30 - Coffee consumption lowers the risk of liver cancer suggests a new study. 

Sunday, March 29 - Roseroot could provide the next big treatment for depression. 

Sunday, March 29 - A Los Angeles studio hosts a Stations of the Cross yoga class to commemorate The Crucifixion.

Sunday, March 29 - From Medical Daily 6 conditions that can be treated with a yoga practice. 

Saturday, March 28 - Millennials are more sexually conservative than past generations suggests this story on the Atlantic. 

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