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June 2020
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YogaWorks Soho
Looking to stir up the practice, Sleuth headed over to YogaWorks Soho for class with Lindsay Hilscher. Lindsay's vinyasa flow is known to keep students on their toes with her creative and dynamic sequencing.

The Bridge At Ashtanga Yoga Shala
"There's no one way to practice yoga," Sara Walshe reminds us on her website. Yoga Sleuth agrees, and thus was excited to try Sara's special fusion of the Ashtanga and vinyasa styles, fittingly called The Bridge. She teaches it Monday through

Brahman Yoga
Brahman yoga is a studio conducive to relaxation. Five minutes before class started, our teacher Lauren Krause instructed those who arrived early into a Restorative Fish Pose with a rolled blanket resting slightly below the armpits. The room was

Greenhouse Holistic
On a blustery winter night, Yoga Sleuth hurried to Jacob Kyle's vinyasa class at Greenhouse Holistic. It had been a long day, and I'd been looking forward to this class throughout it. I had discovered Jacob's fun and energizing evening class a few we

Yo Yoga
Sprinting from Ditmars Boulevard in Astoria to East 59th Street in a record 15 minutes, Yoga Sleuth was ready to usher in the New Year with a class at Yo Yoga with Delaney Kriegshauser. Delaney, an Exhale alum who has studied with David Magone, has a

Kula Yoga Project
When I entered the almost full room at Kula Yoga Project in Tribeca, it looked as if freestyle restorative class was in session. Yogis, lying on mats, were propped up with blankets and blocks in a variety of relaxation poses. It was 10 minutes before

Sangha Yoga Shala
On the night of the longest day of the year, a hyper-busy Yoga Sleuth was itching to settle down for a long winter's grounding practice. This brought him yo Sangha Yoga Shala in Williamsburg, in the last week of its residency in #2H at 207 North 3rd,

Yoga Agora
Located in Astoria, Yoga Agora was founded in 2010 by our teacher for the evening, Nick Velkov. Nick opened the studio to "make yoga accessible and affordable," and by anyone's standards has succeeded as being such. Classes are only $5 and are always

Bend & Bloom
With holiday shopping, a calendar of seasonal festivities, and the general commotion that fills this time of year, doing less in the day isn't always do-able. Sometimes multi-taking is the only option to get stuff done. So while many hopped on the

Stanton Street Yoga
"Where have you been all my yoga life?" wondered Yoga Sleuth as he entered the beautiful Stanton Street Yoga for the inexplicably first time. I was greeted by my new teacher, Bud Tansey, and joined the full house in the freshly pumpkin-colored

East Yoga
Showing up to East Yoga is similar to visiting a friend - complete with a genuine warm welcome and overall sense of familiarity (enhanced by Bon Iver tunes breezing through the speakers). The arrival process is very intuitive, from the coat and shoes

JackRabbit Sports
After Ashlee Willaman's yoga for Athletes class at JackRabbit Sports, Yoga Sleuth almost didn't recognize herself. For once, Sleuth slept the entire night without that literal pain in her butt, the result of sports injuries compounded by sitting time

Sweet Water Dance And Yoga
The South Bronx has been described as a "yoga desert," but at Sweet Water Dance and Yoga the neighborhood has finally found a yoga oasis located just a home run's distance from Yankee Stadium. Besides a full schedule of yoga, Sweet Water also offers

Modo Yoga
Yoga Sleuth had just taken the Path train for the first time (not even from New Jersey, just from midtown!) and was primed for a new experience as I headed to my first Yang Yin class at Modo Yoga. I had never been to Modo, but a good friend is in the

Katonah Yoga
This rather intimate two-roo studio, well-equipped with changing areas and bag cubbies, gave off an immediate welcoming vibe just as authentic as yoga teacher Phillip Askew.

Gallery 151
When you wander into one of Chelsea's upscale art studios you should expect nothing less than a captivating display of artwork. But on this tuesday evening, a mysterious circle of chairs underneath soft lighting took the stage at Gallery 151.

YogaWorks Soho
'Tis the season of the holiday hype that garners all types of imbalances. To stay centered amidst the buzz, Sleuth relies on the practice more than ever, and class with Jillian Pransky seemed like a great way to get grounded. Wel-known for her "chill

Bread And Yoga
Bread and Yoga is set in the charming neighborhood of Inwood, all the way at the north end of Manhattan and the last stop on the A line. It's just a little north of the Cloisters and next to hilly Ishman Park. Entering the studio, the scent of

Soho Synagogue
Yoga Sleuth is always on the prowl to discover extraordinary instructors and unique classes, so when word got out of exclusive meditation classes - literally - popping up around Manhattan, it was time to explore: The Path.

Twisted Trunk Yoga
Yoga Sleuth was greeted by an overall sense of warmth and friendliness immediately upon entering Twisted Trunk Yoga. Dana Covello, seated behind a tiny desk, made sure I was well-equipped with the basic information about the newly opened Soho studio

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