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June 2020
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Abhyasa Yoga Center
Spending the day off in Williamsburg, Yoga Sleuth decided to try a studio he'd never been to before (hard to believe, I know!): J. Brown's Abhyasa Yoga Center. The center is known for its therapeutic approach to the practice, and this was borne out in

Exhale Spa
Exhale Spa has sort of a swanky feeling to it, but it's not to overpower the sense of serenity one feels upon entering. As I signed up for class I noticed blissed out men and women exiting from class or a spa treatment. Besides yoga, Exhale offers

The Giving Tree Yoga Studio
Sleuth likes taking yoga classes that are curiously different and was intrigued by the name of the studio, The Giving Tree (after one of my favorite children's books) and the name of the class: Chakra Yoga. The website describes Chakra Yoga as

Ishta Yoga
After miraculously arriving 15 minutes early to Ishta Yoga despite the snail's pace of Sunday morning transit, Yga Sleuth took a spot among the packed room eagerly awaiting Sheila Miller's Open Yoga Nidra Class.

The Shala
With the holiday madness bubbling into a steady stream of distractions, Yoga Sleuth needed to bring awareness back to the practice. Sangeeta Vallabhan's class where "students are safe to explore their own boundaries of song, thought, and physical

U Yoga
U Yoga is the only known studio in NYC to feature the Barkan Method a form of hot yoga created by Jimmy Barkan (hence the name). Certified in 1981 at Ghosh's College in India, Barkan was formerly Bikram's most senior teacher. His sequence

Strala NYC
In the light-hearted spirit of summer, Yoga Sleuth decided to have some fun with the practice and head over to Strala NYC. When perusing the website beforehand , I came across Anna Gannon's profile - "sweet as cherry pie" and "can linger in handstand

Studio Anya
During a recent Thursday afternoon lunch break, Yoga Sleuth discovered a rather unusual stress release performing against gravity at Studio Anya in the heart of Chelsea. A yoga class structure to flow mid-air is not something you learn in a typical

The Giving Tree Yoga Studio
Curiously, at the start of class at this friendly neighborhood Astoria yoga studio, there was a small slip of paper and pen at the top of each of our mats. Our teacher, Elizabeth Barnett, told us that the theme of the month was "Feed Your Soul" while

Harlem Yoga Studio
For those ready to shake off the stress of the week days and boogie down for the weekend, Harlem yoga Studio offers a fun and funky Harlem Yoga Shakes class, a highly aerobic one hour class that takes various influences from vinyasa to African dance

Jivamukti Yoga School
Jivamukti means free spirit, so it was fitting that I kicked off my Independence Day weekend at Jivamukti Union Square with Tamar Samir. Auspiciously, I discovered that July 4th is also the birthday of Jivamukti founder Sharon Gannon. Tamar Samir

Yoga Union
As the work-week grind raced along at top speed, Sleuth decided to take a Sunday to slow down, and reconnect to the backbone of the practice at Yoga Union, known for its emphasis on the awareness of alignment.

The Yoga Room
On a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon, Yoga Sleuth found herself happily hiking across the Pulaski Bridge to attend Jennifer Batson's Yina nd Restorative class at The Yoga Room. The hike had to be at least half a mile, and I felt quite

Strala Yoga
The vibe was already high-energy at the spacious Strala studio wen Yoga Sleuth set down his mat for a Sunday "Strong Flow with Michael Taylor. The class was packed with regulars, "I want To Hold Your Hand," by the Beatles was playing as Mike

Golden Bridge Yoga
On a sunny Saturday afternoon, when many New Yorkers fled the city, or chose to hunker down to watch the World Cup, Yoga Sleuth decided to check out Michelle Barge's hatha yoga flow. It was clear -- I chose well.

Brick New York
"I would describe my class as physically and spiritually powerful," Serena said, welcoming the class, "with emotional healing for the mind." A CrossFit practitioner, Serena knows her hard-bodied clientele. Her vinyasa classes are inspired by her

Brahman Yoga
The first thing Yoga Sleuth did when he made his first trip to Brahman Yoga was to do a 360 and take in the beauty of the place. The spacious 3rd floor loft, adorned with huge potted plants, is like a Yoga Cathedral, with huge windows overlooking

Anthea Yoga And Healing Arts Center
As the weather continued into the high eighties, Sleuth thought what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than in a relaxing restorative yoga class. Anthea Yoga and Healing Arts Center is a cozy neighborhood studio just off the R train in the south

Sacred Sounds Yoga
A serene studio elegantly dressed with candlelight and live music is the kind of atmosphere any stressed yogi would love to flow into, especially after a hectic work week. So when I was invited to join Danielle Tafeen's Candlelit Flow

The Bhakti Center
The Bhakti Center is a precious gem in the East Village. Its cafe, Taste of Bhakti, serves a tasty menu of vegetarian fare. And the adjacent boutique beholds a charmed selection of beads, books and other cool collectibles.

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