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June 2020
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Lyons Den Power Yoga
"Looks like we are going to have a big, energetic class today," said an exuberant Terri Bahr while situating mats to maximize space in the loft-like Lyons Den. The yoga studio, ablaze with floor to ceiling windows and a temperature near 95 degrees

Jivamukti Yoga School
But I knew a greater treat was in store for me at the end of the long hall, in the Goddess studio, where Dechen Thurman was about to offer us a generous helping of asana topped with a formidable serving of yoga philosophy.

Sacred Sounds
Danielle asked us to choose an intention that felt authentic for us, and we were off into our customized sequence. "This class is like a Choose-Your-Own Adventure book!" said Danielle as we toggled between Plank and Down Dog.

Yoga Agora
"That's quite a bargain," I said to our teacher Kajuan Douglas when he told me the price for class was $5 and I handed over an Abraham Lincoln. And it was; some yoga studios now charge $22 and up for class.

Loom Yoga Center
Yoga Sleuth made her way to the wilds of Bushwick one sunny afternoon to find that Bushwick is not so wild at all. My target was Rebecca Ketchum's intermediate level class at Loom Yoga Center, but I passed more than one yoga studio on my walk from th

Sacred Sounds Yoga
Narisara talked about the winter cold and how we slouch and create tightness in our shoulders. Therefore, Starfish was the perfect shoulder opener. We laid down on our bellies and took one arm out to the side and then rolled over onto that shoulder.

New York Yoga Hot
"People want Yoga on Saturday!" grinned the effervescent Lexi Duffy at the packed house of the New York Yoga Hot Studio. And that we did; we'd had enough of below-freezing temperatures, and were ready to go all the way to 106 degrees.

Yo Yoga
A rain-soaked evening in NYC doesn't mean it's too late and cloudy for Sun Salutation, if you know where to go. Luckily, Yoga Sleuth knows that on Thursday nights that means the 8pm Power class at Yo Yoga with its owner, cheerful and attentive

Integral Yoga Institute
Special Needs
Instructor Sarah Wolf, a veteran herself, led the class in an understated and humble manner. I found it more deeply restorative than a typical yoga class. We used abundant props, and Sarah checked with each of us once we arrived in each pose to ensure that we were comfortable.

YogaWorks SoHo
Many teachers will throw out combinations of poses seemingly on the fly. Not so with Alie. I appreciated her meticulously planned class that built us up carefully for each more challenging pose.

YogaWorks SoHo
Perched on the platform at the front of the palatial 2nd floor Studio, Las Vegas native Stephanie smiled at each of us as we filed in, fully filling up the room.

Kula Yoga Project
A "creative and invigorating flow," the description on Kula's website for Jen Guarnieri's Saturday morning class, sounded perfect for Yoga Sleuth after a Thanksgiving weekend of uber indulgences.

The Iyengar Institute Of New York
Brooke has an uncanny ability to communicate with each individual in the way they learn best. Even a non-Iyengar devotee would certainly benefit from a Level I drop-in.

Dharma Yoga Center
This man is, after all, a yoga legend, having created the Master Yoga Chart of 908 Postures, often seen in yoga studios around the country; the author of 608 Yoga Poses; and continues to practice a Hands-Free Headstand (Niralamba Sirsasana)...

Pure Yoga West
Karen then carefully instructed us through a dynamic, yet consciously-moving flow that included a low lunge, twist and bending and straightening our front leg. After using the block, I felt a heightened awareness of the work my hamstrings were doing

YogaWorks Eastside
Thanks to the traditional weekend sabotage of the New York City transit system, Yoga Sleuth was already sweaty and breathless when he arrived just in time to get the very last spot at Hollis Lewis' level 2/3 vinyasa class. Which was good preparation

Equinox 76th St
Yoga Sleuth was heading downtown on the subway when I ran into my friend and yoga teacher, Susan Malcolm on her way to teach at Equinox. Since a good Sleuth is always armed with yoga clothes, I tagged along and was able to slip right into her packed class of 50 fans.

Atelier Yoga
I informed Carolyn, who studied with the Iyengar family and been on the faculty at IYI, that I had most recently been practicing in packed hi-speed vinyasa classes. She smiled knowingly; I knew that I was in for something special, and necessary.

House Of Jai
"Set an intention," said Bee, "and with an exhale send that intention out into the universe." Mine was for healing and compassion after a brutal week. "Feel the weight of your head and your shoulders," she said. "What is it you are carrying?"

Good Yoga Greenpoint
Yoga Sleuth had come to Good Yoga Greenpoint in its infancy at the original Calyer Street location four years ago. And now I had the honor of trying a class at its new digs on Greenpoint Avenue, just days after they moved there. I was the first to

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