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February 2020
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Womens Yoga Iyengar Style with Bobby Clennell
Iyengar Yoga Institute Of New York
150 West 22nd Street, 11th floor
New York, NY 10011

Mon, 9:45 AM To 11:30 PM
Special Needs

No matter where you are coming from, what your level, your special concerns, or (especially) your challenges and doubts, Bobby Clennell makes you feel as if you have a core strength that has nothing to do with abdominals. Her Women's Class is about accessing the deep stores of power and stamina that flow through you already. The nomenclature — "women's yoga" — aside, there are no gimmicks or gushy-ness in this class. Clennell's style is straightforward, soft and knowledgeable.

Yes, Women's Yoga within the Iyengar system is a bit of an elusive category. Its abiding concerns, and often the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about it, is menstruation and menopause. Unglamorous indeed. But, this approach is not exclusively about blood cycles (although you'd be amazed at what a difference a little attention to cycles can make in your overall energy levels), it's about finding balance, modulating energy, fertility (body, mind, and soul), recovery, relaxing, and thriving. ...All those New York necessities.

Standing pose week will leave you satisfied, worn out and energetic. Restorative week will turn you into a lively jellyfish. Twists clean out your system and backbends make you feel like flying. The classes are strong, you work at your own level — and each class is open to all levels. This is not a vinyasa class. You will not do sun salutations and you will use many props. If the style is new to you, it may feel a little overwhelming at first. Stick with it though. If you're curious about Iyengar, this is a very lovely place to start.

Bobby Clennell is a senior teacher, a mother, an artist, and sometimes she's a bit of a goof, too. By contrast, the center is rather austere; it's beautiful, clean, organized, quiet. No one uses their own mat (nor do you ever miss your own private stinky mat). At $20 drop in, the classes are a bit steeply priced, but you always feel like you're in a clean, and supremely expert environment.

Sooner or later, this class is going to be the perfect antidote to your Monday morning.

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