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February 2020
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Bean Yoga for Ages 6-9 with Lauren Chaitoff
Yogi Beans
1018 Lexington Avenue, 2nd Fl.
New York, NY 10021

Tue, 4:00 PM To 5:00 PM
Special Needs

Feeling a bit too serious, Yoga Sleuth decided to try a class at Yogi Beans on the Upper East Side and tap into the freedom of being a kid!  The class is for six to nine year olds, but the owner Lauren Chaitoff graciously let me participate for the day.  I found my spot in the circle of mats, amongst the young and eager students.  

Lauren began the class by tapping her heart and saying this is my heart light and we all have one, so let’s lift our chests and shine our lights!  We rubbed our hands together and created heat and energy and thought of loving thoughts as we sang OM.  

Lauren had given us all a colorful bean bag.  We came down on to our backs and placed the bean bags on our bellies.  She explained that as we began to breathe deeper, the bags would move more. This was called belly breathing and it’s a great way to relax. We could even breathe in different colors to calm our thoughts. A great way to teach kids how to connect to their breath!  

ABC Asana game came next.  We went around the circle saying our names and a pose we liked and the next person had to repeat it. My favorite pose was Flying Warrior! One student asked, “What happens if we forget?” and Lauren responded beautifully with, “We can help each other out.”

After learning everyone’s names we did our sing-song Sun Salutations to warm up.  We said what we loved about the sun - “Warmth and light!” - and then we did several Warrior poses.  Lauren explained that we would do these poses in every class.  At one point, a student started to check out and look down, so Lauren reminded her to lift her chest and shine her heart light!

We did another fun game called “I Am,” passing a fuzzy flower around with our feet, having to stay really focused so we wouldn’t drop it . Before we passed the flower we each had to say “I Am…thoughtful” or thankful or silly or something else about ourselves. Lauren encouraged everyone to say something positive.

Next up, a yoga adventure.  We were going to the jungle and in order to get there we had to take boats, so we partnered up and got into boat pose putting our feet on our partner, holding hands and using our bellies for support.  We moved our hands back and forth, row, row, row to the jungle!

Once we arrived, Lauren gave us clues about an animal and we would have to guess: “This animal is orange with black stripes.” Everyone shouted,“Tiger!”  So we all got into our tiger poses and gave out a big roar!  

After doing several animal poses we sat down on our mats for a story.  We lifted our heart lights, sat up tall and listened in as Lauren read a beautiful story about the golden rule.  Then we talked about how important it is to “do unto others as we would like done unto ourselves.”

To finish up class we closed our eyes and did a very simple meditation, “I am beautiful, I am smart, I am special.” And then we laid down for Savasana.  Lauren came around and rubbed delicious strawberry lotion on our feet and talked about all the wonderful colors of the rainbow.  She created a nurturing atmosphere of calm as we came back to our belly breathing for our final relaxation.

Lauren’s classes are nurturing, educational, fun and well rounded! Yogi Beans is a really fun place to take your kids and let them begin their life long adventure with yoga!

First trial class for new beans is $15. Registration for the semester is recommended. Adult classes and prenatal also available.

-Margie Suvalle Fischel for Yoga Sleuth

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