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February 2020
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Going with the Modo Flow with Meagan Rohrer
Modo Yoga
434 6th Avenue, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10011

Fri, 7:45 PM To 9:00 PM

Upon entering Modo Yoga NYC, you (literally) feel the heat of passion this environment-friendly yoga studio exudes. A smiling receptionist, with an impressive braided up-do, checked me in for the heated Modo Flow class and directed me where to go. (I’d later come to find she was also the yoga teacher, Meagan Rohrer.)

I grabbed my complimentary towel and mat and headed for the closest studio room. The smell of tea tree oil (used as a natural mat cleaner) was as strong as the partially clothed yogis preparing to get their sweat on.

The spacious room, facing 6th Avenue, was packed with glistening yoga bodies settling into the high temperatures of hot yoga. A sense of stillness was held in the room and finding calm before practice was quite refreshing due to a “no speaking” rule. As I laid on my mat in Supta Baddha Konasana, my breath began to deepen. With each inhale my belly would expand and each exhale cut the thick layer of humidity like stroking through water.

Meagan’s energy gently entered the room, as not to startle any of those in deep meditation. She kindly asked everyone to make our way onto our backs for a few opening supine twists. With neighbors so close on both sides, my twists became somewhat modified placing my arms in "cactus" and carefully letting my knees fall to one side, then the other, coordinating with my neighbor.

As we moved into more heated standing poses like Eagle and Vrksasana, beads of sweat began to drip from every pore of my body. “See if you can find softness in your gaze,” I heard Meagan say, “and let go of the need to be so serious.” Instantly my jaw unclenched and the space between my brows relaxed, yet, I was still able to find stability.

As we began to move through our vinyasa flow, the temperature of the room continued to rise and the sweat continued to drip.

A long rest on our backs was the perfect way to cool down from the invigorating series of Surya Namaskar A and B. But we couldn’t get too comfortable before rising up into three rounds of Urdhva Dhanurasana. As the heat softened my muscles, I really felt my heart expand out into the room.

Meagan’s calming voice continued to lead us back up into Dancer’s Pose and standing split as I found my Ujjayi breath in the center of steadiness. “See if you can challenge yourself to go just a little further today,” Meagan spoke to the class. And with those few words of encouragement, I found myself going deeper into my pose than ever before.

By the time we set ourselves up for Savasana, my body felt overheated and ready to rest and restore. With one switch of the ceiling fans, I was reminded that all suffering is temporary and hard work often comes with a reward.  

As the last class on a Friday evening, Meagan encouraged us to stay in Savasana an extra few minutes if we didn’t need to rush out. As I lay in my own puddle and release, I couldn’t help but feel thankful for just a few extra moments to be with myself. With one hand to the belly and the other to the chest, I shared with the class immense gratitude for the gifts of warmth and mobility.

Drop-in classes are $20. Mat and towel rentals are $2 (complimentary for newcomers).


-Ashley Howard for Yoga Sleuth

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