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August 2020
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Thursday , August 6, 2020

Meet The Indie Yogini
Vivinne Williams Helps Others Change
“I was the newbie, younger than everyone else,” she said. "I started getting bullied within the first semester, by people who had been there for 18-19 years and knew each other. Being left out of the loop of important things, overhearing things about my w ...Read More

Joseph Mata Teaches Mathematics Through Yoga
We Become The Geometric Figures We Feared In Class
In Yoga Math, students observe the interplay of body and breath through a mathematical lens; they physically create geometric figures, angles and slopes, and each asana is explained using mathematical parlance. ...Read More

What's Going On Around Town
Getting Strong To Help Others
All hearts are heavy after last week’s explosion on 2nd Ave. Help heal the wounds and join Sara Walshe on Monday night the Ashtanga Yoga Shala for a donation-based class benefiting the NYC Mayor’s fund. ...Read More

End of Life Doula Training
Can Dying Possibly Be As Beautiful As Being Born?
But people want to be at home, and the End of Life Doula program is training the family on how to care for their loved ones and also creating a network of volunteers who would come and care for a dying patient ...Read More

What's Happening Around Town
Good Stuff For Adults and Kids!
This weekend, get the kids ready for great nights of sleep by reading them Good Night Yoga: A Pose-by-Pose Bedtime Story. ...Read More

Yoga For MS Classes Are Hard To Find
Here Are Some NYC Options
"Yoga helped with my spasticity when I first got diagnosed," Nusser said. "I couldn't walk at all. I have a type called relapsing-remitting, so I regained my ability to walk, but I was really stiff. I was taking medications for spasticity ...Read More

It was the most physically intense hour I’d spent in some time, even as a regular student of 105-degree hot vinyasa. It had the feel of boot camp, mixed with cardio, kickboxing, yoga planks and down dogs and a lot of deep breathing. ...Read More

Live Jazz As An Anchor For Meditation
Try It Out This Thursday Night, March 26th
It wakens something inside of us and helps to set our lives into a more natural rhythm. Jazz as an art form is based on being completely focused in the present moment. Being aware of our surroundings and harmonizing with the other musicians and an audienc ...Read More

Yoga For Two Year Olds
Is It Worth It?
"They learn many things at that age," said Vilchez-Blatt, who practices with her own daughter. "They learn sociability, fine motor skills and gross motor skills, how to take a breath. They learn body parts and develop confidence. I tell parents that with ...Read More

Meet The Teach
Who's Ventured Into A Foreign World, Here in NYC
Yes, they can take yoga classes as long as its taught by a female instructor, in a place where there aren’t any men, and there's no chance that any men will be passing by. Leah's husband leaves the house or stays upstairs during class. The women wear very ...Read More

Yoga and Other Movement Modalities:
A YogaCity NYC Event This Thursday
“A lot of people talk about yoga as if it’s totally different from somatics…but I think they basically could be the same thing,” said Amy Matthews of The Breathing Project, who teaches Body-Mind Centering, among other things. “They are both about the wisd ...Read More

Great Playlisters
Spin Their Secrets
All these suggestions resonated, helping me to discover the grooves of making a great playlist. I start to sample music frequently and to select tracks that would move more fluidly with my class plans. Aarona and I sync over Alice Coltrane, which confir ...Read More

Meet The Teach: Kevin Lamb
Transgender and Pre-Natal Teacher, Generous Soul
There was a young transgender man who went through a transition and slowly started dressing in a more feminine way and eventually asked to be addressed by a feminine name. Sometimes she would come in and lie down in savasana for the whole class, and I let ...Read More

Breaking News
Yoga Thieves Are On The Loose - Again!
“One approached me with his resume, asking about job offerings here,” and the other was holding conversation with a friend on his phone. “He was saying something like ‘Hi, we’re here…yes Yoga Vida…where you told us to meet you for class…’ making it seem l ...Read More

From Soup To Sangha
A Perfect Solution For This Season
we were getting massive amounts of food from the CSA which was amazing and sometimes random — like how do I eat two gigantic heads of cabbage? So that was another benefit of the club — getting to use all of this cabbage and squash that can be hard to figu ...Read More

Mama Sutra Workshop
Exploring Every Aspect of the Feminine
Nature would never put us so far out on a limb without hope, but it takes diligence and will. In a C-Section, the second chakra is assaulted through the interrupted of the birth process. A lot of breath work, mental work and trust reintroduces harmony ...Read More

The Yoga Thief
He's Cased 11 Studios So Far And Hit 7
If the cops can't do much,then what should studios do? Some inmates say studios may want to start acting like they take security seriously. ...Read More

The Hardest Class You Ever Took?
These Answers Will Surprise You
"I sat in the front of that space and began to guide the sound of OM. She had me do it again and added a few suggestions. I sat there and cried, and cried and cried! I am not a crier. My soul lifted, though, and my heart opened wider than ever" ...Read More

Lessons From the Fire
The Integral Apothecary Falls and Rises
Although it seems unchanged, Dawson points out that by its very nature, fire changes everything. "Fire has a purifying impact on the things it touches, allowing one to start anew and rise from the ashes much like a Phoenix." ...Read More

Bet You Don't Know How to Make a Perfect Cup of Green Tea
The Scientifically Proven Antioxidant
The "mama-san" of healthy beverages, green tea is something we've all picked up on. There is general, uncontested acceptance of the stuff. But is it really a magic bullet? How does it work? What are it benefits, both claimed and proven? ...Read More

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