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June 2020
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Saturday , June 6, 2020

“The shoulder is involved in almost every yoga pose,” Fishman says. “The shoulder blade roams all over the back of the ribs. Because of that, the muscles have an extremely important role in fixing the shoulder blade and holding it still.” ...Read More

ARTICLE: Exploring Reiki
Or Opening Up So It Can Explore You
When I met Elizabeth outside the studio, she was hidden underneath a baseball hat and a plain fall jacket. I could only tell that she was much shorter than me. But by her sincerity in speech and general up-beatness, I knew that my reiki stereotype was g ...Read More

ARTICLE: Glenn Black
Mr. Anonymous Sees It All
Today, twenty-five years later, Glenn Black has a considerably different story. While he pretzeled himself up with impeccable ease in that 1987 video, Black says he stopped practicing asana more than ten years ago. At 64, his hair is gray, his moustache i ...Read More

ARTICLE: Krishna Das
On His Guru, Making Money And His Favorite Chant
I was living in upstate New York in the winter of 1969 on a piece of land that was owned by some wild Jungian acid-head mountain climbers. ...Read More

ARTICLE: Headstands
Should They Be Taught?
Walk into any New York City class and more often than not, you'll meet teachers who have no qualms about adding sirsasana to their sequence. Black believes that unless students are individually assessed before coming into the pose ...Read More

I'm getting more interested in teaching yoga philosophy in a way that's more experiential. I'm moving away from some kinds of teachings I used to teach, for example how backbends are heart opening and make your emotional heart more open. ...Read More

MEET THE TEACH: Sara Neufeld
Acting On Her Principles
When I was writing about the Baltimore public schools, I'd see these kids from the most challenging circumstances you could imagine. My role was to interview them, but I kept feeling that I wanted to share this practice. So I went to teacher ...Read More

ARTICLE: Finding Creativity In Practice
Lions And Turtles And Sponges, Oh My!
So, why did I sign up for 30 hours of teacher training at Karma Kids Yoga? I realized that I had forgotten the joy and play of yoga until one day when my niece showed me her Warrior 3 where we flew around the room screaming or tree pose, where w ...Read More

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