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June 2020
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Saturday , June 6, 2020

The Battle Continues
Yoga for New York Sounds The Clarion Call
"And this could run yoga businesses into the ground." Once again, the State doesn't understand the inner workings of the yoga industry. ...Read More

First We Sing
An Interview with Kirtan Rabbi
It not important what language you sing in, just sing. I call it Hebrew Kirtan, not Jewish Kirtan, because that’s the language I sing in. Music is a universal language, a direct conduit to God. And the kirtan form is very special because it has to do with ...Read More

The Unfortunate Business of Yoga
Top-Cat Teachers Chat About Studio-Owning Experiences
“The biggest challenge is that you have to constantly think of new ways to make money,” she said. This could include seasonal specials, new student offers, and of course teacher trainings. And “all that takes away from being able to give 100 percent as a ...Read More

For some students coming into any kind of inversion seems impossible or like a dream, but it's not, it's just about learning how to properly distribute your weight. Whether or not you have pain while doing inversions, knowing how to use your hands correct ...Read More

We Asked Some Experts
It's Not An Easy Yes Or No
"We're uncovering something within us that that's already full and whole,” said Swami Asokananda. “It's already all there; we are just letting go of what's covering that. ...Read More

Amy Gross: A Mindful Life
Topflight Editor Turns Into A Serious Meditation Teacher
Suffering comes from the stories we tell ourselves – our interpretation of what is happening. Meditation practice changes this. ...Read More

Meet The Teach: Sarah Neufeld
Successful Rocker Becomes Studio Owner
Whether you meet her rocking it out on stage or on the yoga mat, there is little doubt you will be struck by just how easily she has brought her passions together, and given each her own unique, dynamic spin. ...Read More

A Dentist Balances Science and Spirituality
Because We're More Than Bodies With Mouths
I take everything into consideration. For instance, if you have a cavity, it could be the result of a bigger issue. An imbalanced diet. Or an imbalance in your doshas. If they were out of balance, oral inflammations could be present. If this is the case, ...Read More

Jeff Cannon In Conversation
Your Guide to Transcendence
“The atoms that create your physicality are nothing compared to the space that is between them. What you recognize as real is in truth the energy that is found between atoms. That energy is what your consciousness is aware of.” ...Read More

Meet The Teach: Christine Chen
You Might Find Her Breaking Into Asana Anywhere
When Christine Chen was an Emmy-winning broadcast journalist, she never dreamed she would become a yoga teacher. She was more at home kickboxing or doing high impact cardio and then everything changed . . . ...Read More

When Faced With Adversity
Women Mindfully Unite for "Standing Still Standing Up"
In organizing this big event, Prasad's goal was to gather female leaders and to encourage mindfulness in politics. So often, only men's voices are heard speaking out about injustice or Buddhism, which makes "Standing Still" unique ...Read More

A European Method Of Yoga
Will Show New Yorkers A New Way To Feel
With each movement, we gradually sensitize not only the muscles and the joints, but also the mind. As the body awakens, the mind becomes more receptive and more sensitized to whatever physical sensations are present, before any sort of intense muscular de ...Read More

But can releasing trauma-based tension in yoga cause a person to become overwhelmed? Alfaro points out that each person will release only what they are ready for at any given time. ...Read More

Everything was stripped away--my ego was banished to the backseat. I was like a baby. Developing motor skills was the biggest challenge. Exploring pressure sensitivity by just dragging the brush, I had to be satisfied ...Read More

I sort of teach postures backwards. My situation allows me more subtle access to the mind/body relationship than the average person, ...Read More

Outreach At Three Jewels
From The Busy Streets Of New York To The Dusty Roads Of Nepal
The 108 Lives was an opportunity for people, who were studying in the Tibetan Buddhist philosophy that we offer at The Three Jewels, an experience of putting into practice the ideas that we talk about ...Read More

Buddhist Contemplative Care Training
Was Grandma Bubba's Idea
Death is really a culmination of life. Through this work people not only help others, they are also learning to experience their own lives more fully. ...Read More

Guided by Maalem Hassan Ben Jaafer, a master of the craft, the group of five to six performers will share traditional poetry, rhythm, and dance of the Gnawa people, an ethnic group from North and West Africa, who were originally brought to Morocco as slav ...Read More

And Why Is Praying Frowned Upon?
A Confused Yogi Gets Answers
"In order to get your experience straight, you had to get away." he said. "But the important thing is not to stop there, to re-claim the relationship with spirit that is everyone's birthright. Sometimes I talk to the spirit when I ride my motorcycle." ...Read More

Co-Ed Naked Yoga Puts On Its Birthday Suit
A Straight Arrow Midwesterner Explains Why She Goes
For me, nudity conjured negative images of getting old -- of not meeting standards of my Protestant upbringing. Truthfully, my American eyes preferred to watch a show about mass murder on television than a naked gal past her prime. (Terrible, I know). ...Read More

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