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June 2020
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Saturday , June 6, 2020

It's Hard To Breathe In The Big City
Finding The Right Pranayama Class For You
Then we moved into a stamina building practice that employed fast-paced breath to keep poses from becoming flaccid. It is not enough to hold a pose here; one must make it dynamic, with current moving through it. ...Read More

The Yoga Of 12-Step Recovery
Finally Comes To NYC!
"Yoga saved my life more than anything ever did," says Rifkin, 44, who went into rehab at 16 for what had become multiple addictions, but said she found every other way to escape over the years, including eating, drinking and gambling, and eventually ende ...Read More

Three Is The Most Stable Structure
Emily J. Kramer of Third Root Explains
We have so many ideas, like a viable use program for school-aged kids to learn about home remedies. We are in a large Caribbean neighborhood, so home remedies are actually not a new concept for them. ...Read More

Cyber Dating
To Find Your Soul Mate
Asking questions like “Is my love for God greater than the love I would have for my partner” and “How important is marriage counseling to me.” All to determine where your focus is, and match you up with someone who you are spiritually compatible with. ...Read More

Discovering Rumi Within Ourselves
An Islamic Scholar Shows Seekers How
Loss, transition, and life events had me at my nadir. Shuttling for answers, Rumi came to me quite by chance. I picked up a book of his poetry on one 'dark night of the soul.' He was guiding me to exactly where I hurt ...Read More

A Team Of Amazing Thinkers And Activists
Discuss Hot Button Issues At The Broome St. Temple
“I’ll try to explain the inexplicable!” Moses said. “A weekend like this is to reignite our inner desire for questioning…to remind ourselves that we are here to become free from our temporary limited states.” ...Read More

An Africa To New York Cultural Exchange
Starts With Kenyan Artist and Yogi James Mweu
James founded a dance theater for young street boys displaced due to political unrest. He is an artist -- a sculptor, photographer, and yogi -- perfectly positioned to take advantage of the rich cultural offerings here ...Read More

Meet The Teach: Andi Berger
Clicking Into Kundalini
White is the combination of all colors. It has the function of clearing and allowing for energy to flow, along with attracting positive energy. You wrap your head to protect it. ...Read More

Meet The Teach: Justin Ritchie
Moving Into The 24/7 World Of Yoga
We determine what to journal about-whether it's their practice, meditation, or mantra practice with me, or their personal triggers and how they came up that particular day and how they dealt with them. A lot of times they'll email them to me ...Read More

Yoga's Brewing in the Bronx!
Come to Gun Hill Brewery for the Asana, Namaste for the Beer
I figured yoga is a great way to feel strong yet centered in a tough city like New York. Heal your body, quench your thirst, and afterwards make some friends. ...Read More

Musing On Yoga And Poetry At The Skylight Diner
Does The Pose Support The Word?
And once it's quiet, all sorts of great things have room to come forward. Imagination is different from thinking. You have to sweep out the thinking first ...Read More

Women are the front-line victims in our culture in terms of body image. The topic has always been on my mind… My personal history of injury and feeling fat growing up, being teased for having big breasts ...Read More

Focus Your Devotion
For The Holidays And The Rest Of The Year
I live in a tiny room at our ashram that is my bedroom and office. Still, I keep a small space for God to sit and watch over me. I feel that if you still your mind, and slowly turn your gaze perusing your apartment, you will be guided to the spot where th ...Read More

What Every Woman Needs To Know
Bobby Clennell's New Book, Yoga for Breast Care
Like Bobby herself at 72, this book is a reminder that we can use yoga to sustain our health and energy. We should practice to know ourselves and to trust our female intuition. ...Read More

West Village Rocks A New Style
Restorative Yoga At Hip Hair Salon
"I kind of like the idea of people walking by and looking through the window," said Jared, "it creates curiosity and mystery." ...Read More

How To Give A Great Yoga Photo
A Master Gives You Tips
If you're low and you're somewhat looking up, underneath the yogi, it's going to give that person more of a chance to look statuesque. Like a sculpture. Like a God or Zeus. And that's the beauty of it because we are that important. ...Read More

A Third Lotus Blooms in South Williamsburg
Get Ready for New Year's Eve!
It sounds silly, but wearing glitter is a big outer reminder that we're rooted in transformation, like the lotus. We're definitely rooted in scripture and chanting and tradition. I'm not ignoring depression, but we are offering a spiritual forklift. ...Read More

One Sunday we had some time before an off-Broadway show, so Randee said, "why don't we take a class?" It was very crowded. I had no idea what I was doing. I was claustrophobic and sweating and suffocating. I hated it. ...Read More

Off The Mat Coaching
Taking True Fullness Into The World
I found myself in a fancy corporate job working for a major marketing and advertising firm in NYC with a fancy degree. I'd "made it" but all I felt was emptiness. ...Read More

The Spiritual Dimension of Yoga Therapy
Essential For The Holidays - But What Is It?
No wonder we don't agree on what the word means. "Each yoga therapist is going to have a concept of underlying notion and each client will come with a pre-conceived nothing of what spirit means for them - or no notion." ...Read More

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