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June 2020
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Saturday , June 6, 2020

Artisanal Crafts For The Holidays:
Practice Aparigraha And Support Small Businesses!
Up in Cold Spring, fourteen-year-old Nathaniel Ellis is giving the Yankee Candle Co. a run for its money. All candles are hand-poured, long-burning, and made of organic soy wax ...Read More

Saturn Saved Her
But It Was A Bumpy Ride
It's almost a traditional mythological story where the hero/heroine goes on a quest and encounters all the necessary trials and obstacles before receiving insight and transformation. It just happens to be my story ...Read More

East Yoga Celebrates An Anniversary
A Special Place Survives Rough Times
"It was a tough year," Katie says, "one of toughest of my life and for many of the teachers as well. We came so close so many times and it was always like, just a couple more months ...Read More

"Decisions and rewards should be shared by teachers. Often teachers get the short end of the stick. At Samamkaya, teachers will be democratically involved in all decisions. We will vote at meetings and teachers will share . . . ...Read More

Om For Sale
Meditation For The Biz Casual Gang
The Path attracts button-dow-shirted men and women in shift dresses who don't take their shoes off. It's this idea of using meditation as a productivity tool that appeals to them. ...Read More

Yoga and Ritual:
Mantras, Yantras, and Tea
Swami Asokananda talked about the difference between a routine, like brushing teeth, and a ritual which is "anything that helps me wake up to the fact that I'm dreaming . . . ...Read More

Durga Das Writes About Truly Waking Up
From A Seeker to Just Being
In "The Timebound Traveler," he takes you through his three-year journey, capturing the pain and confusion of his unraveling, laying bare his soul in a way that draws you fully into his world and has you rooting for him ...Read More

The Guru Thing
A Contemporary Spin On An Ancient Thought
The Nalanda Institute of Contemplative Science is translating this traditionally sacred model, and its corresponding meditation techniques, into a modern language that not only makes sense, but feels right. ...Read More

The Himalayas, eastern spiritual leaders and religions influenced many of his paintings because he was pursuing a moral compass by which to live peacefully in a tumultuous world ...Read More

Nyota Naya
Bringing True Feminine Energy To Yoga
It's about everything coming from the center --from the womb, the empowerment. That's what Sadie Nardini taught, when everything is strong in the core, everything is strong. ...Read More

Deeper Learning Series: Yoga and Ritual
All Are Invited - It's Free!
In every basketball game, Michael Jordan wore his North Carolina shorts beneath his team shorts. Every morning at 8:30 sharp, Stephen King sits at his desk to embark on a 1000-word quota. ...Read More

Finding Peace In Prison
Meditation At Troubled Rikers
"This is a very stressful place. No one wants to be here. But we are. Meditation makes me feel peaceful. I feel that even here, in jail, I can really feel who I am," explained another inmate. ...Read More

An Amazing Deal!
Social Sutras Sponsors A Promotion
Social Sutras founder, Amanda Smear Baudier, created it to function like a "citywide restaurant week of yoga" but for two solid weeks. ...Read More

It's Leaf Peep Season
Get Out Of Town For A Peeping/Yoga Treat
Chock full of things to do like checking out the changing season and shopping outdoor fleas that beat any stalls in the City, Westchester also provides a number of great yoga studios. ...Read More

Yoga For New York Says Sit Tight
The News From Albany Is Still Coming In
To Recap: Patton's case "started when the State came to us with a slightly uninformed employee questionaire," he said. ...Read More

Sacred Arts
Finding the Beginning Again
Within this ideal class, novices and seasoned artists collaborate in an energy field not confined by labels or judgements ...Read More

"He wrote to us to see if we would like to work together and offer a retreat at a biodiversity research center in the Amazon - and we totally jumped on it, even though it seemed like a crazy idea!" ...Read More

Experiencing A Resonation Sound Bath
I'm Vibrating, I'm Glowing . . .
A sound bath seemed like an appealing variation of pratyahara or withdrawal of the senses. I wanted a wash of music that would create stimulating and healing vibrations, a sound energy shower and a therapeutic treatment in yoga class. ...Read More

Adaptive Yoga
Improving Patient Care Where It Is Most Needed
Each sequence is followed by a short discussion. After the yoga portion of "How Does Street Affect Your Body?" Sirulnick and Bibiano discuss the "fight or flight" response on the nervous system and how the calming effect of grounding can counteract that ...Read More

Meet the Teach: Kim Stetz
Yoga for Tired People At Savasana Station
I was in triangle and hung over, as usual. He leaned in and said, "You're going to be a yoga teacher." I laughed and said, "You'll never hear me say the words inhale or exhale out loud. But he saw something and he was right. ...Read More

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