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June 2020
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Saturday , June 6, 2020

Brooklyn's Yoga Hotbed Follows Real Estate Trends
Bendys Are Flocking To Kings County
I think it's more possible to have a business and family life in Brooklyn," Brown said. You need an enclave. You need a grass roots community to make a yoga center fly ...Read More

Perri Institute Expands
The Beauty Of Health Through Movement
my teaching of yoga integrates philosophy, history, and supportive practice methods with creative influences from academia, movement studies, arts, and sciences". ...Read More

I hope I can inspire people to reflect on what tension is and what happens when tension gets wired into our beings, creating unbalanced patterns. With yin, we can learn how to unwire the threads of tension. ...Read More

Kula for Karma
Delivering Serious Prescriptions
"What I'm finding from doctors and administrators in hospitals is that integrative tools for healing are in demand. Patients are now asking for these therapies. That means something." ...Read More

What's Happening Around Town
Are You Ready For the Great North Wind?
Are you an athlete? Beth Lewis will help you open, strengthen, and prep your body for highest performance. ...Read More

Mercury In Retrograde Again?
Jyotish Astrologer Gilberto Picinich Explains All
In Vedic astrology, the traits are much more specific because planetary configurations (called yogas) plumb a deeper level of characteristics ...Read More

New Studio Opening! SweetWater Dance and Yoga
Visit The South Bronx to Check Out This Cool Studio
This is a space that tells you to be happy. Move your body. Enjoy your body. Let's work on making you happy no matter what shape, color or experience you bring here," said Trujilllo. ...Read More

Healing At The Deeper Level
Becky Thompson's Book About Trauma And Yoga
Trauma deepens our samskaras and yoga helps to create new neural pathways in our minds - like experiencing new sensations, caring for ourselves, and different ways of understanding our memories ...Read More

Reflections Reopens
Conscious Living With A Zen Garden
Their official grand opening weekend is October 11th and 12th. To celebrate, all regularly scheduled classes will be free. There will also be complimentary massage and reflexology appointments ...Read More

Yogi Reveal Thyself
AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda
As we navigate the realms of spirit and nature, the modern and the ancient, this film compels us to ask what is real and what is not - as Yogananda did. ...Read More

Joyful Cooking With Jivamukti's Renaissance Woman
Legendary Yogini Sharon Gannon Launches Her First Book of Vegan Recipes
"It happened really organicall!" says Sharon, no pun intended (probably). "I certainly didn't intend to write a book, I just intended to become a better cook!" ...Read More

New Studio Opening: Brahman Yoga!!!!
Spacious, Bright And Great Prices
Once inside, the expansive length of the room and wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling windows make you catch your breath. There are several arched doorways and tons of ornate architectural trim. Plus, all 75-minute classes are only $5 ...Read More

Yoga And Diversity
A Discussion On The Elephant In The Room
Booker thought that Caucasian people came to the mat "because they usually want that cute yoga body," but believed many folks of color didn't have body issues. "We don't need a physical workout to prove our self-worth ...Read More

Anger Management For The Aspiring Yogi
Moving The Feeling From Negative To Creative
Sit for a few minutes and think about how anger affects your body and mind. What does it feel like? For me, it comes as rising heat in the body, a tensing of the stomach and muscles, clenching fists. ...Read More

Andrew Sugerman Chants The Sutras
Powerful Class Is Not Easy
When Sugerman said drashtu, his soft voice was full of nuance and meter. When I said it, I tried to roll the "r," click my tongue to the middle roof of my mouth and make the last syllable forceful. I felt like Eliza Doolittle, with a mouth full of marbl ...Read More

Wake Up Your Turtle Brain!
Musician/Yogi Stevie Weinstein-Foner Brings the Fun in and Invites Us to Sing Along
"For me the songs have a life of their own," he says. "They came through me, but I don't know how much ownership I can really claim!" ...Read More

A Tibetan Approach To Mental Health
Where "Hearing Voices" Is Considered A Good Thing
There are 84,000 emotions in the Buddhist sutras. The term srong rlung refers to life-sustaining wind, and imbalance of that results in wind illnesses or mental conditions ranging from mild depressions to schizophrenia. ...Read More

"Ganapati is always pointing his trunk to something sweet," says Tulumbas. "Our vision is to offer students a refined practice that ends, or maybe begins, with sweetness." ...Read More

The Iyengar Institute of New York Gets Dedicated
With A Heartening and Meaningful Celebration of the Life of BKS Iyengar
Murphy recollected that “The Iyengar Yoga Institute of New York and the city itself had a special place in Guruji’s heart. First because the vibration and energy that New York expels and also because Mary Dunn was instrumental in infusing her enthusiasm o ...Read More

Deva and Miten Are Coming To Town
Don't Miss This Musical Event
“Music is life and death for me – it keeps me on track, and it's the key to keeping me connected to my spirituality and my guru.” ...Read More

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