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June 2020
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Saturday , June 6, 2020

Light On Racism
Anurag Gupta Works To Lift The Veil
For us, that goal is to create an inclusive, beloved community much like Dr. King's aspiration 45 ago. We asked 40 change agents from different backgrounds to share one change this country must make ...Read More

Vedanta: A Solution To The Fundamental Human Problem
Explained At An Upcoming Lecture - Free!
The Upanishad addresses the fundamental goal of a human's life: the desire for complete, unqualified self-acceptance ...Read More

By mobilizing huge numbers, organizers hope to emphasize our awareness of the problem and the need for climate action on the part of world leaders and - in particular - call on President Obama to reduce greenhouse gas emissions ...Read More

Jersey Girl Goes Global
Seane Corn's Story
I come from such a blue-collar background that all this is funny to me. And if I ever bought this projection that gets put on me, a friend or family member would literally smack me and remind me it's about service ...Read More

Does it work? CCARE's research has shown that our "compassion instinct" is trainable. The Dalai Lama was so committed to the potential of this research that he made a large financial contribution to it. ...Read More

Krishnamurti - Still Challenging With His Ideas
Which Seem Even More Relevant Today
he challenged the very notion of "seeking" spirituality or truth, saying that if one is searching for something, then one already has an idea of what they will find. ...Read More

Pigeon Pose: Enemy Or Friend?
Do It Wrong And You Could Blow Out A Knee
To be in pigeon without any support, without any props, requires a substantial range of motion in both hip joints. When the necessary range of motion is unavailable in the hips, the force of gravity transfers that weight to your knee which can do damage ...Read More

Take A Break
You Need One And So Do We
You’ll still hear from us and we’ll still be updating the site by highlighting some past stories and reviews that you might have missed ...Read More

Care For The Caregivers
Urban Sangha Treats The City's Unsung Heroes
"Caring for myself is not self-indulgent, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare," said Booker. ...Read More

Meditation Round-Table
Sitting With Some Questions
Roshi Enkyo says when one is bored - bored of fear, reasons why - that's a good place in meditation. I like that ordinariness. Sometimes when I am bored, I say, 'Yeah, there's hope.' ...Read More

Music To Make Your Heart Smile
Kirtan Soul Revival Brings A Joyous Noise And A Groovy Funk To Bhakti Celebrations
They had everyone responding to their calls a few bars in, and on their feet and dancing with abandon and joy by mid-set. ...Read More

The New Book On The Lululemon Murder
Crime Created From The Corporate Culture Of Consumerism
part of Lulu's manifesto ridicules the idea of not striving for the top. . . "Mediocrity is as close to the bottom as it is to the top, and will give you a lousy life." ...Read More

Mystical Journey to Kumbh Mela
With Scholar Jim Mallinson and Movie Star Dominic West
Dom also mentioned how amazing it was to be carried along in that sea of people - any thought of individuality soon disappears when you join a crowd of such size and single-mindedness. It is truly euphoric ...Read More

the end is "the most important thing in your life." ...Read More

Far Away Without Leaving Town
7 Day Urban Meditation Retreat
Unlike the remote settings of many retreats, there will be cell phone service for the participants. Any advice on dealing with devices during the retreat? You play with the boundaries ...Read More

The Beasties Invade Yoga High
And They Are Irresistible
They actually were born in a dream I had about three years ago. I had been feeling a lot of anger, and in this dream a little creature was trapped in my heart chakra, ...Read More

Over the years, she has written eight books, participated in three NIH studies on yoga, and taught to thousands, always with the purity of intent that came with the 70s era when she began. ...Read More

Witnessing With Joan Suval
An Intense Yet Contemporary Meditation
Expectations never lead to peace, because reality is always either less than, or more than we expect, and we’re never happy with that. ...Read More

Is Laughter Yoga The Next Best Medicine?
You'll Be Surprised At The Benefits
The mission is pretty serious - to heal people medically, physically, emotionally and spiritually through combining yogic principles with the power of breath. ...Read More

Deep House Yoga Brings A Rhythmic Flow Of Union To NYC
Hosted By A Trendy Nightclub In Williamsburg
We danced. We twirled. We laughed. And then, we found savasana. ...Read More

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