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June 2020
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Saturday , June 6, 2020

A Farmer's Market Meal
Fresh, Easy and Fabulous
You can make this salad with any color beets. I like to use regular balsamic vinegar with red beets and white balsamic with golden beets. That way the colors match! ...Read More

Meet The Teach: Lilia Mead
The Truly Innovate Brain Behind Go Yoga
Yoga has been a real journey for me - one that saved my life. Before finding it, I knew a lot of suffering, because I struggled with depression, anxiety and insomnia. ...Read More

Buddhism Meets Punk Rock
The Dharma Punx Wisdom
Rather than presenting himself as an enlightened teacher, Korda says he aims to "present myself as someone who is sick and suffering like the rest of us, and using these tools to find happiness." ...Read More

Yoga Foster Pursues Creativity
In Very Special Children's Programs
"When the teacher instructs warrior, for example, it may be as a warrior in the jungle trying to get his way off Yoga Island," Cardoza said. ...Read More

Mudita Makes Clothes You Can Feel Good In Again
Locally Made, Organic, And Not See Thru!
While other corporate giants may see Lulu slips as an opportunity, there's also an opening for smaller companies to prove their value by producing clothes made in NYC (not by third-world children) in natural fibers that feel great. ...Read More

Meet The Teach: Chandra 'Jo' Sgammato
A Successful Author Needed More
I am these kids, and they are me. I have seen them bring the peace they experience from yoga back to school, make changes in their family dynamics, begin eating a healthier diet, making changes in their family dynamics ...Read More

On June 27, the studio will host "Vibrate the Cosmos - Sound Immersion Through Gong and Chant" at 7:30 pm. Bob promises it will be "a Sonic expansion bliss fest!" accompanied by as many as ten resonating Gongs. ...Read More

Meet The Teach: Lodro Rinzler
What Happened When The Buddha Met Him?
What do you do when you are a Buddhist and wake up from a one-night stand? Be kind. Communicate from the heart. Share what you are actually feeling. But above all, that first one. ...Read More

Finding Harmony Through Yoga
A Soulful Harmonium
People buy cheap harmoniums on the Internet or Craig's LIst or Amazon and they think they got a bargain. Then they get it and realize it's leaking air, out of tune, or the keys are sticking. And they bring it to me. ...Read More

Meet The Teach: Paula Tursi
Founder Of NYC's First Anti-Asana Studio
I guess my 'personal truth' is to not necessarily believe what people tell me. At first, I'll "follow the rules" because I believe it's important to know them ...Read More

Injury Management
Teachers Gather To Discuss The Problems
"They have all been because of my own ego and from teaching - being outside of myself, maybe assisting someone who was too big for me." Milner believes the karma of a yoga teacher is to get the injuries you need to help your students. ...Read More

Basketball Star Turned Musician And Yogi
Takes His Creativity Further With Earth Wellness Cafe
Along with playing his soulful music and running his cafe, Nestor also works as an energy healer, doing reflexology and massage therapy ...Read More

Yoga In America
Where Are We Headed
Thus, the paradigm changes. "And why this is important in terms of yoga is that it helps to make sense of what is happening at any given time. What fits the historical moment?" ...Read More

Quiet Places In NYC
Reflection In The Middle Of Mayhem
You can feel the city's pulse steadily increase as the temperatures rise - parks and sidewalks bulge with sun-starved city dwellers, radios blare from unexpected crevices ...Read More

The Path To Peace
Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi Shows The Way
My guru appeared to me and said, "You will either come out of this room as an enlightened being or a dead body." ...Read More

I told my first date about the one and only time I experienced love at first sight. ...Read More

Open Up Your Creativity
With Pen And Movement In Brooklyn
Calling all yogic wordsmiths, amateur scribners, and those who've always dreamed of writing but never given it a try: there is something you need to know about. ...Read More

This will point towards practices that lead out of the suffering we experience as seperate beings, towards the freedom of one-ness that is our true nature. As Leonard Cohen said, "If you don't become the ocean-you''ll be seasick every day." ...Read More

I was thinking about people like Einstein, and Gandhi, and Mother Teresa, and I wondered where these miraculous people were. You read about them, you hear about them, but rarely actually see them. I can firmly say that Dharma is one ...Read More

Downward Dog For Dudes
Reflections On Teaching A College Football Team
The first day, they shuffle in. Loud and eating power bars. They toss each other mats, blocks and straps. Their posture is hunched. Socks are on and not coming off. ...Read More

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