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June 2020
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Saturday , June 6, 2020

Can Proper Posture Change Your Life?
Michaelle Edwards Is Ready To Show You How It Does
You put your body in Staff Pose, for instance. I couldn't imagine putting someone in that position. You sit on the floor, flex your ankles, and try to make your body completely into a right angle ...Read More

The Nalanda Institute
Started 12 Centuries Ago, Mixes Ancient And Modern
If I were to take your Four Year Course in Sustainable Happiness, would the Nalanda Institute guarantee my happiness? ...Read More

Shiva Rea's Got A New Book
Chats About Tending The Heart Fire
You can see stress very easily in a heart rhythm, it speeds up or becomes erratic. Same with our breath. So the science of our energetic heart is that the little pacemakers cells are always trying to syncopate, bring us in balance ...Read More

Yoga At The Edge Of The World
Where Beasts And Beauty Really Get To You
"I met them, sort of thinking this was going to be a very boring trip where they would do yoga, and just hoping they wouldn't be upset about the bugs, the heat, the wild and no communication with the outside world." The yogis surprised him. ...Read More

Healers Unite to Create Brooklyn Light
Finding Services To Help Individuals
"We've been joking that yoga is this gateway drug to other modalities," Capobianco laughs. As clients' relationships with their bodies deepened, they began to get interested in other modalities ...Read More

Let The Music Play
After Scary Rumblings, ASCAP Is Working Out A New Arrangement With Studios
As of last week, every class where an iPod was playing tunes owed ASCAP money. A royalty for every song they played, for every class. It adds up to real money - especially for small studios. Then things changed! ...Read More

Hello American Lady Creature
Poses And Words Help Lisa Kirchner's Transformation In Qatar
It wasn't Qatar he was quitting. It was her. He asked for a divorce - a complete shock to Kirchner. Their four-year marriage ended over the phone. "So I started a private blog. I was very aware that I had chitta vritties to get out ...Read More

The Fascia-nating World Of Rolfing
My First Structural Integration Session
Dr. Rolf developed this method of working with the structure of the human body, which is in gravity, to effect change. You want all the fascia to move freely. ...Read More

Philosophy And Fellowship, Sutra-Style
Free! At The Iyengar Institute
"Sometimes I think of Patanjali's Sutras as being a 12-step of its own: It's wide and embracing and you can really understand any religion - and yourself - better by its study." ...Read More

Meet The Teach: Melissa "Mati" Elstein
Saying Goodbye To The Litigious Lawyer Forever
Melissa "Mati" Elstein danced with the Pennsylvania Ballet, clerked for Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and loved being a lawyer with the NYC police department. Then she took a yoga class . . . ...Read More

The Middle Path
5 Teachers Discuss Life, Relationships And Practicing Off The Mat
Lilia Mead reflected on her love/hate relationship with NYC. 'It's fast, crowded, expensive. As a spiritual practitioner, this is the hardest place on earth because not everyone's on the same trajectory. ...Read More

Insider Tips For Teaching Corporate Yoga
It Isn't As Easy As You Might Think
"Go to the bookstore and look at books on leadership or performance. Notice how they talk about optimizing a human being. So many of these authors are secret yogis and Buddhists. ...Read More

"I have fond memories of her excitedly yelling up at me from the cement floor below as I was slowly initiated into the acrobatic art form of flying on a long canvas rope, suspended by a wrist, ankle or knee. ...Read More

How Do You Become A Shaman?
And Why Doesn't The West Take It Seriously?
The phone rang and the anthropologist said, "we couldn't do it before because we couldn't get the medicine man, but we are doing it now. Do you feel anything? ...Read More

Meet the Teach: Shari Vilchez-Blatt
The Youngest Thirty-Something in New York
If we get into a situation where we don't have a pose, we turn to the kids and say, what does your anteater look like? Their confidence goes up and most of the time what they come up with is brilliant ...Read More

Dem Der Bones
An Interesting (And Fun) New Anatomy Book By Kristin Leal
The chapters are all like my children and so it's really hard to pick one, but I think my favorite is the one on the breath ("It's Right Under Your Nose"). The breath is obviously important . . . you don't stick around very long without it. ...Read More

Peter Roth's Language Of Who We Are
A Journey Through The Human Design System
"It's a language about you," says Peter. It doesn't change you. It explains you. Your strengths, weaknessess, fears, and gifts. And you get to use that language in your life to be more powerful. ...Read More

A Real Yogi In The City
Yogi Charu Teaches Ancient Practices Learned In The Himalayas
At age 16 Yogi Charu left the rough streets of his native Belize for remote caves of the Himalayas, where he was inducted into the secrets of Hatha yoga and tantric meditation ...Read More

The Foundations Of Ayurveda
Kripalu's Esteemed Training Program Comes To NYC
The course provides a solid introduction to the core concepts and fundamental principles of Ayurveda, including the history and philosophy, body maps and systems, cooking and nutrition, yogic psychology and practice, basic principles of pulse reading, and ...Read More

Movement Meditation
It Works For The Body - What About The Mind?
In turning, you are turning to go to the placeless place, the center of the axis. When you do locate the axis, you'll find it's one hair thick. I call it the strand of light. This is an understanding that you don't exist. ...Read More

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